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Romilla Ready enables business people overcome common workplace difficulties as well as build strong, durable, results and profit focused relationships


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Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business professional, you are likely to face problems such as high stress levels, burn-out, fear of redundancy, low motivation and office bullying.

“People are the lifeblood of every business
All people have problems
When people have problems so do their businesses” - Romilla

Some Common Business Problems


  • High stress levels
  • Low morale
  • Fear of redundancy
  • Low motivation
  • Poor productivity
  • Lack of personal resilience
  • Burn out
  • Underachievement
  • Feeling isolated
  • Bullying


  • Poor or no team cohesion
  • Lack of employee engagement
  • High employee churn
  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of common purpose
  • Poorly thought-out or badly executed plans and processes


  • Lost sales
  • Dissatisfied clients
  • Business lost to competitors
  • Damaged or bad reputation
  • Unhappy shareholders
  • High operating costs
  • Lost revenue

Whether your business is big or small, whether you are an aspiring business professional, employer or an employee, Romilla’s books, talks and training programmes will help you:

  • Make it easier for your stakeholders to buy into your ideas, products and services
  • Super-charge your emotional resilience
  • Intensify your power to influence
  • Cultivate trust
  • Boost your personal power
  • Gain greater confidence
  • Build powerful business relationship with your prospects, clients and colleagues

they will also have a positive impact where it matters most…
on your bottom line

When you’re ready to be more productive and profitable, please contact me.

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