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Build strong, durable relationships for profit and results

Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results

Even the most successful people know they can perform better at work. The power of NLP lies in teaching you how people think, communicate and behave. With this knowledge you can:

  • Change those aspects of yourself that may be holding you back
  • Do more of what makes you successful, consciously
  • Greatly increase your ability to influence others

These skills give you an edge. They give you the ability to move from moderate success to OUTSTANDING SUCCESS.

‘Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results’ is a modular training programme focusing on the one thing that’s crucial to the prosperity of every business – positive, influential people with the right attitude working toward a common vision.


  No business runs without a sale but...no sale takes place without a strong, durable and profitable  relationship 

People affect the bottom line

Developing a true understanding of how people think, relate to and communicate with one another builds durable relationships

Durable, strong and profitable stakeholder relationships bridge the gap between a mediocre business and an outstanding one


Results you can expect from ‘Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results’:

  • Vastly improved communication skills based on easy to understand human psychology
  • Knowledge of how to build on strengths and mitigate the effects of weaknesses
  • Stronger, more cohesive teams
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and overcome misunderstandings
  • Better relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Increased personal resilience to deal effectively with the one constant...CHANGE!
  • An empowered workforce

Simply put, the results of ‘Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results’ mean less stress, less attrition, better team cohesion and fewer mistakes

All this adds up to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce and a greatly improved bottom line!


Modules in ‘Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results’:

  • Demystifying NLP
  • The science of Influence
  • NLP for Goal Getting
  • Beyond Distress
  • Verbal Personality Profiling
  • Discovering Motivational Triggers

To find out more about ‘Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results’ and how it can benefit you, your people and your bottom line please contact Romilla.

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